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IllustrationRork sitting on mountain
IllustrationRork in corner with owls
IllustrationRork behind leaves
IllustrationRork in creepy laboratory
IllustrationEx-libris 'Cromwell Stone' B-gevaar
IllustrationNew year's card Lombard 2002
IllustrationEx Libris Astor. 2001
IllustrationMaître Andreas
AlbumSeconde Chance
Album EditionAttaque (2001, Le Lombard)
Album EditionWhite Dust (2001, Sherpa)
Album EditionDe terugkeer van Cromwell Stone (2001, Sherpa)
Album EditionSeconde Chance (2001, Delcourt)
Album EditionWhite Dust (2001, Delcourt)
Album EditionTweede kans (2001, Blitz)
Album EditionFragmenty (2001, Twój Komiks)
Album EditionPrzejścia (2001, Twój Komiks)
Album EditionAfuera (2001, Planeta-DeAgostini)
Magazine PublicationTouriste - Heavy Metal (number July)
Magazine PublicationCrépuscule - Heavy Metal (number September)
Magazine PublicationVoyageur - Heavy Metal (number November)
Magazine PublicationLa femme de cire du musée Spitzner - Heavy Metal (number Taboo special)
Magazine PublicationFigures and Representation of the Fantastic in Andreas's Work (2001) - The International Journal of Comic Art (number 2)
Magazine PublicationL'ours - Pavillion Rouge (number 5)
Magazine PublicationLa dimension Andréas (2001) - Pavillion Rouge (number 5)
Magazine PublicationMaître Andreas - Pavillion Rouge (number 23)
ArticleFigures and Representation of the Fantastic in Andreas's Work (2001)
ArticleLa dimension Andréas (2001)
Patrick van Bergen (Site Editor) notes:
Andreas wins the Great price "Bonnet d’âne" of the comics festival of St Malo for his entire oeuvre. That also means he may draw the poster for next year's festival.