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AddressParis (F)
MagazineDelcourt Planète
EditionRévélations posthumes (1991, Delcourt)
EditionRévélations posthumes (1994, Delcourt)
EditionCyrrus-Mil (1993, Delcourt)
EditionDérives (1991, Delcourt)
EditionCromwell Stone (1990, Delcourt)
EditionLe retour de Cromwell Stone (1994, Delcourt)
EditionLe retour de Cromwell Stone (1994, Delcourt)
EditionEntre chats (1989, Delcourt)
EditionAztèques (1992, Delcourt)
EditionLa fabrique Delcourt à dix ans (1996, Delcourt)
EditionAilleurs (1997, Delcourt)
EditionMémoires 1 (1999, Delcourt)
EditionMémoires 2 (1999, Delcourt)
EditionRacken (2000, Delcourt)
EditionCoutoo (1989, Delcourt)
EditionHeurts (2000, Delcourt)
EditionLe triangle rouge (1995, Delcourt)
EditionSeconde Chance (2001, Delcourt)
EditionWhite Dust (2001, Delcourt)
EditionManipulations Minutieuses (2002, Delcourt)
EditionRéveil (2002, Delcourt)
EditionDonjon Monsters: La carte majeure (2002, Delcourt)
EditionDorro Zengu (2003, Delcourt)
EditionMonster (1999, Delcourt)
EditionParoles de parloirs (2003, Delcourt)
EditionLe testament de Cromwell Stone (2004, Delcourt)
EditionRetrouvailles (2005, Delcourt)
EditionFeu Croisé (2006, Delcourt)
EditionCoffret tomes 1 à 3 (2004, Delcourt)
EditionPourquoi j'aime la bande dessinée (2006, Delcourt)
EditionMaître noir (2008, Delcourt)
EditionMission (2009, Delcourt)
EditionDétectives (2010, Delcourt)
EditionIntrus (2011, Delcourt)
EditionTehos (2007, Delcourt)
EditionLune (2012, Delcourt)
EditionRêves 1 (2013, Delcourt)
EditionRêves 2 (2014, Delcourt)
EditionIci (2015, Delcourt)
EditionDérives 2 (2017, Delcourt)
Patrick van Bergen (Site Editor) notes:
Publisher Delcourt established.
from the article "Dérives and Fantalia (1995)":
It's also the time of Dérives. This album appeared only long after the stories were published in Métal Hurlant. How did that go?
Andreas: The prepublication in Métal Hurlant was interrupted after TouristeTouriste, the third story of Dérives after a scenario of my German friend Ferdinand Scholz. Later, when I was at Delcourt, he said to me: "He, we could publish those short stories you did for Métal." Then I added three more.