Story Information
Number of pages7
ScenarioFrédéric Bézian
Context Information
Magazine PublicationHeavy Metal (2001, number September)
from the article "Dérives and Fantalia (1995)":
Andreas: But the scenario of Frédéric Bézian caused me the most trouble. After three plates I stopped and started again. It was very hard, because it contains many characters who also happen to come down a stairs the whole time. I had to take that into account. It is the story I enjoyed most. I don't currently plan to make a story with anyone else, but should that happen, it will be with Bézian. We agreed to work together again. He writes and I draw. I liked it that he caused me trouble with Dérives. When you write yourself, you limit yourself to what you can make. The stories in Dérives liberated me from that somewhat. When I currently write a story, I really only think of the story itself. While drawing Le retour de Cromwell Stone I ran into a few hard scenes, for which I asked myself: "Why did I possibly write that?" But I think that's good, that's how I want to tell my stories. Only horses I avoid, that's the only thing I really find hard to draw.