Context Information
StoryEté 60
IllustrationCover Zozolala 18
AlbumMortes saisons
Album EditionFragments (1984, Le Lombard)
Album EditionFragmenten (1984, Le Lombard)
Album EditionPassages (1984, Le Lombard)
Album EditionDoorgangen (1984, Le Lombard)
Album EditionCromwell Stone (1984, Deligne (Michel))
Album EditionCyrrus (1984, Humanoïdes Associés)
Magazine PublicationLa caverne du souvenir - Tintin/Hello BD (fr); Kuifje (nl) (number 3, 11, 16)
Magazine PublicationAndreas. What I wanted to tell you... (1984) - Tintin/Hello BD (fr); Kuifje (nl) (number 3)
Magazine PublicationLa gerbe noire des contes de Jean Ray - StripSchrift (number 181)
Magazine PublicationThe fantastic worlds of Rork (1984) - StripSchrift (number 181)
Magazine PublicationEté 60 - Spirou (number 2426)
Magazine PublicationEté 60 - Robbedoes (number 2426)
Magazine PublicationCyrrus - Métal Hurlant (number 101-104)
Magazine PublicationCyrrus - Métal Hurlant (number 101)
Magazine Publication(Review of) Fragments (1986) - Les Cahiers de la Bande Dessinée (number 56)
Magazine PublicationCover Zozolala 18 - ZozoLala (number 18)
Magazine PublicationThe C of Andreas. Cromwell Stone, Cythraul and Cyrrus (1984) - ZozoLala (number 18)
ArticleThe fantastic worlds of Rork (1984)
ArticleAndreas. What I wanted to tell you... (1984)
ArticleThe C of Andreas. Cromwell Stone, Cythraul and Cyrrus (1984)
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