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Cover Zozolala 18ZozoLala (1984, number 18)
The C of Andreas. Cromwell Stone, Cythraul and Cyrrus (1984)ZozoLala (1984, number 18)
New-year's wish for 1988ZozoLala (1988, number 37)
Cover Zozolala 40ZozoLala (1988, number 40)
The Cyrrus mosaic. Report of a time consuming puzzle (1988)ZozoLala (1988, number 40)
New year's card 1989ZozoLala (1989, number 43)
Happy Number 50!...ZozoLala (1990, number 50)
X-20ZozoLala (1995, number 82)
Cromwell Stone, up closeZozoLala (1995, number 82)
Mil (revised)ZozoLala (1995, number 82)
Andreas prefers not to explain everything (1995)ZozoLala (1995, number 82)
The idea behind Rork (1995)ZozoLala (1995, number 82)
Another idea behind Rork (1995)ZozoLala (1995, number 82)
Freeze the frame! (1995)ZozoLala (1995, number 82)
Mobilis 1: Strubbelingen (2000)ZozoLala (2000, number 114)
Nooit geweten: Arq (2004)ZozoLala (2004, number 137)
Thanks to Tom Verschueren
Thanks to Tom Verschueren
Patrick van Bergen (Site Editor) notes:
ZozoLala contains the 2 revised and the 2 added pages of Mil (revised).
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