Patrick van Bergen (Site Editor) notes:
Wins first prize in a comics contest of the "Famous Artists School" in Germany.
from the article "Images of a childhood (1995)":
My community (military) service I also did in Düsseldorf. I was a telephone operator in a hospital. Soon I did nightshifts, which didn't require you to do much more than be present for six hours. So I could draw pictures to my heart's content, which I did with determination, since I still had the ambition to make comics. In the daytime I slept and in the evenings I drew. Therefore I didn't really waste time. After that I went to Brussels.
None of the drawing from that period was published? It didn't result in any comics?
Andreas: No, but that was not the point. I was influenced very much by Franquin: large feet, big noses, humour. A bit of adventure, but with funny characters.
Do you still own these drawings?
Andreas: I still have drawings from when I was sixteen, charicatures of teachers. After that I soon switched to notebooks in stead of in the margins or on separate sheets. This resulted in a large collection of old notebooks containing the most awful things.