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from the article "Images of a childhood (1995)":
How was Saint-Luc?
Andreas: I had read Vandoorn's booklet Comment on devient créateur de bandes dessinées on Franquin and Jijé. It mentioned the address of the Saint-Luc in Brussels. When I inquired after the enrollment dates, it turned out that I was only just too late. That's why I first did a year of academy of arts in Düsseldorf. It was a higher education, comparable to a university. I won't say the education was useless, but I wanted to go to Saint-Luc. You could find workshops and follow lectures on arts history, anatomy and such. I did a course on graphic art, I learned how to do engravings, silk-screen painting, and lithography. An architect taught us how to draw in perspective. From him I learned how to draw architectural perspectives, vanishing points, composition of an image, etcetera. I have to say this knowledge still comes in handy. In short, I liked it there. In hindsight I would have not been a bad architect after all, because I was really interested in it.