Patrick van Bergen (Site Editor) notes:
Andreas was born on 3 January, 1951. When I congratulated him on his birthday, he noted: It was also Franquin's birthday :)
from the article "Images of a childhood (1995)":
Could you, for starters, tell us something about your youth?
Andreas: I was born in 1951 in Weissenfels, a small town in Eastern Germany.
from the article "Dérives and Fantalia (1995)":
Fantalia seems to be your most personal book. Or are other books also autobiographical in a sense? Are there more allusions like that, or is it a mere coincidence?
Andreas: It fluctuates. In Fragments there is a episode of a house falling to pieces. That describes my relationship to women, at least at that time. It has changed somewhat. Take the scenario of Hiver 51. I was born in the winter of 1951.