Story Information
Number of pages46
Context Information
Magazine PublicationMétal Hurlant (1986, number 123-; 1987, number -127)
Magazine PublicationL'eternauta (1995, number 148)
from the article "Andreas prefers not to explain everything (1995)":
Did you ever make a story, whose storyline was incorrect in hindsight?
Andreas: In Mil something happens that is inconsistent with what happened in Cyrrus. That annoys me. My attention has slipped for a moment. I think it was something with the temple. I don't remember exactly.
Is that error still present in the renewed version of Mil?
Andreas: Yes, the mistake is in the colorpages and I haven't redrawn them. Probably noone has noticed. I have, though, and it annoys me.
from the article "Cyrrus (1995)":
After La caverne du souvenir you switched to Métal Hurlant where Cyrrus and Mil were published. How did Cyrrus originate?
Andreas: The occasion for Cyrrus was a request of the brothers Pasamonik if I could do an album for publisher Magic-Strip. From that moment it started in my mind. When later Dionnet (chief editor of Métal Hurlant) saw the first plates of Cromwell Stone and asked me to do something for Humanoïdes Associés, I already had something.