Story Information
TitleCarol détective: Mission en 2012
Number of pages16
ScenarioAndré-Paul Duchâteau
DraftsmanEddy Paape
Context Information
AlbumLuc Oriënt: Les spores de nulle part
SeriesLuc Oriënt
Magazine PublicationTintin Sélection (1977, number 19)
from the article "The first publications (1995)":
How did your collaboration with Eddy Paape come about? You were mentioned as co-author in a story from 1977: Carol détective: Mission en 2012...
Andreas: That went about as follows: Paape had had a scenario from André-Paul Duchâteau for a while. He had made some character sketches, but had not had time to draw the story. He asked me if I wanted to sketch it. In the beginning I wasn't fast enough for him of course: he inkted in a flash, while it took me three days to do the sketches. He called me continuously. That was good, because he taught me to work under pressure. Currently I like to work fast as well to remind myself that I'm telling a story! If you are working too long on a plate - making Le retour de Cromwell Stone I spent up to three weeks on one plate - you seem to string standalone illustrations together, rather than tell a story. Then you lose the feeling that you are telling a story. I rather like to keep a certain rhythm, so that the storyline remains clear.