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NameNeal Adams
Neal Adams
from the article "The fantastic worlds of Rork (1984)":
A good example of how everything is connected is the story Point fatal. When Adam Neels (read Neal Adams, an American comics artist) makes a sphere burst other spheres may burst as well. Andreas doesn't explain exactly what occult relationship exists between the spheres, but does make Neels explain his invention: "One places a sphere between the rings... places the needles against the sphere... and spins the flying sphere twice... notice the pattern of lines that is drawn... () In all this mixup of crossing lines there is always one point where five lines cross. It requires only a light pressure to..." and the sphere bursts.
At first one is inclined to think that the sphere that was placed in the device has gone weak by all the markings on its surface. But that doesn't explain the synchronous exploding of other spheres of the same volume that are positioned elsewhere. We must thus presume that Neels has a much more fascinating theory: every sphere has a weak spot, and with his device he is able to determine this spot. The bursting of all kinds of spheres proves his theory, and he is proud of it.
To the magician Rork it is a small leap of thought to then imagine the earth's sphere, and a nut that discovers that fatal point on the earth's surface. "All right, agreed" says Neels, "that has occured to me... but who would be crazy enough to saw through the branch he is sitting on?" Rork: "Exactly, a nut... or... yes, indeed, a nut..." Neels: "O, You always exaggerate! You spoil my beautiful invention."
Rork holds something back, but we can guess his thoughts: the same way Neels can burst the spheres in his laboratory, an alien power, to whom the earth is a mere toy ball, can burst the earth. What happens to us on a small scale (microcosmos) can happen elsewhere on a large scale (macrocosmos).
A minute later the events start to follow up rapidly as the villagers, that have had some hindrance of the side-effects of Neels' experiments, decide to destroy Neels' cabin to end it all. At that moment Neels has to admit that he has found the fatal point already, and has build his cabin on top of it. Almost immediately a supernatural force lowers "an enormous mass". Lucky for us Neels has made a mistake in his calculations. Understandably, since he is unable to build a device of suitable size for thís calculation.
from the article "Andreas prefers not to explain everything (1995)":
You were at the drawing-school of St.-Luc together. Did you acquire common influences there?
Andreas: Not at school. At St.-Luc everything was more focused on 'Moebius' and the Belgian school. At that time I did discover my American influences. In shops and at sales of libraries I encountered their work. Together with Philippe Foerster I bought my first albums of Berni Wrightson and Neal Adams. Later, the two of us - together with Antonio Cossu and Philippe Berthet - had an atelier together here in Brussels. The four of us were working on the same things for a long time.
You have written scenarios for Philippe Berthet and Antonio Cossu did the same for you. Are you ever going to collaborate again?
Andreas: I am going to write a story for Antonio Cossu shortly. I don't know about Philippe Berthet. Maybe so, maybe not.