Context Information
IllustrationDelcourt's 1999 catalogue
IllustrationBerlin - August / September 1961
AlbumLe sécret
AlbumMémoires 2
AlbumL'ambition narrative
AlbumComix 2000
Album EditionL'objet (1999, Le Lombard)
Album EditionElectricité (1999, Le Lombard)
Album EditionDeliah (1999, Le Lombard)
Album EditionLe cube numérique (1999, Le Lombard)
Album EditionDe numerieke kubus (1999, Sherpa)
Album EditionDe numerieke kubus (1999, Sherpa)
Album EditionHerinneringen 1 (1999, Sherpa)
Album EditionHerinneringen 2 (1999, Sherpa)
Album EditionMonster (1999, Sherpa)
Album EditionMémoires 1 (1999, Delcourt)
Album EditionMémoires 2 (1999, Delcourt)
Album EditionMonster (1999, Delcourt)
Album EditionEnergie (1999, Carlsen Verlag)
Album EditionElectricidad (1999, Norma)
Album EditionL'ambition narrative (1999, XYZ)
Album EditionComix 2000 (1999, L'association)
Album EditionComix 2000 (1999, Fantagraphics Books)
Magazine PublicationAilleurs - Comic Art Presenta (number 172)
Magazine PublicationMémoires 1 - Comic Art Presenta (number 174)
Magazine PublicationInterview (1999) - Slash (number 19)
ArticleInterview (1999)
Patrick van Bergen (Site Editor) notes:
Andreas wins the "Prix Bob-Morane" for best comic book (Deliah) at the "festival du livre de l'Imaginaire" in Brussels. It is the first year this prize is offered.
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