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NameFrank Lloyd Wright
Frank Lloyd Wright
from the article "The mystery Andreas (1996)":
The album Le triangle rouge is an hommage to the American architect Frank Lloyd Wright (1867-1959). Architecture plays an important part in it. The book is filled with architectonic masterpieces, for which Andreas was inspired by the work of Lloyd Wright.
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He does want to say something about Frank Lloyd Wright. "For years I wanted to make a strip relating to his work. I admire him very much, since I was young, when I still wanted to become an architect. Mainly the forms with which this architect worked and the way he handled the division of space fascinate me. Like positioning windows at very odd places, they are too high; you can't look through them, yet a fine light is coming through it. The interiors of Lloyd Wright are special too, they contain so much power of the imagination, it touches me."
"The forms and buildings he designed I used as a source of inspiration for my own drawings. Further I used his initials and his signature, a red square, in the story. For example, I play with all kinds of cubic forms. Further, I use as a reference to his signature a red triangle, a form that plays a central part in the book. The long format of the book, the yellowish paper, the light colors, all refer to Lloyd Wright's work. But for the remainder, it's my story I tell. Though I've never seen a house by FLW for real, I would like very much to live in one. They are not boring average houses, but living creations. I found it a great challenge to draw such buildings. The examples for these I took from books with pictures and drawings by FLW that I keep at my home. I don't like to copy, altered or not, from others. In this case I could agree with it, since it was my tribute to Frank Lloyd Wright."