Album Information
TitleDe vergetenen
StoryLes oubliés
StoryLe sauveur du crétacé
IllustrationCover of Tintin 1980-15
IllustrationRork in New York.
IllustrationScreaming man with thorns
IllustrationCover illustration Les Cahiers de la Bande Dessinée, nr. 73
IllustrationPoster 'Capricornus' Aladin
IllustrationEx-libris ALBD
IllustrationBookmark 'Retour' Forbidden Worlds
IllustrationRork sitting on mountain
IllustrationRork in corner with owls
IllustrationRork behind leaves
IllustrationRork in creepy laboratory
IllustrationPersonages of 'Retour'.
IllustrationCapricorne. Publisher Forbidden World
IllustrationRork with text 'Capricorne'.
IllustrationRaffington in the rain
IllustrationLittle Rork in the snow
IllustrationThe captain
IllustrationBernard Wright in corner
IllustrationSilhouette of Pharass
IllustrationAdam Neels with bow and arrow
IllustrationRaffington under a streetlantern
Thanks to Yuri Landman and Mat Schifferstein.
Mat Schifferstein (Sherpa) notes:
On 'De Vergetenen'
This is actually the first time we made a (partial) color production. The album does not exist in another edition. It is contentwise very powerful, I think. It contains quite a few graphical beauties from Andreas' work, that most lovers of Andreas work don't know. Just when I decided not to publish the book because of technical reasons, and to return all materials to the author, I had a good look at it and decided, that it really was worth the while and had to be published.
So it finally worked! (fortunately)
As for the financial side: it should have been a commercially interesting book because of a cooperation with Lombard for the French market, who where at one time interested and at another time not and postponed it so long eventually, that I decided Sherpa should have to do it by itself, and that we could no longer postpone it (for one thing because of the author, from whom we had borrowed the originals all of that time); you can imagine I wanted to have them back in France safely as soon as possible...
In any case: commercially the album will not be a success, because we made this production exclusively for the Dutch audience, and I chose not to make a limited luxe edition for 1000 fans, that I can sell expensively (and for which there will always be a market) but instead an edition that is as cheap as possible and that is yet (a bit) luxurious...

Album Edition Information
AlbumDe vergetenen
Language Dutch
PrefaceHoe lees ik Andreas