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PhotoAndreas and Isa ask a question
PhotoAndreas and Isa
PhotoIsa Cochet colors Alanna (Arq)
PhotoIsa Cochet colors Alanna - closeup
PhotoAndreas signs - side view
PhotoAndreas signs - front view
PhotoAndreas and Isa
PhotoIsa colors a Demite
PhotoIsa colors a Demite - closeup
PhotoAndreas draws Rork - closeup
PhotoAndreas draws Rork
PhotoIsa colors Rork - closeup
PhotoIsa is done coloring Rork
PhotoIsa is coloring Virginia (Cyrrus)
PhotoAndreas draws an illustration - back
PhotoIsa colors a Limisaï
PhotoIsa is done coloring a Limisaï
PhotoPicture of a Limisaï
PhotoA colored picture of a Limisaï
PhotoAndreas draws Rork - front
PhotoAndreas draws Rork - side
PhotoAndreas draws Rork - closeup
PhotoIsa colors Rork
PhotoIsa colors Rork - closeup
PhotoAndreas at Librarie Aladin
StoryVu de pres
StoryLes fantômes
IllustrationPour Koen + Isabelle
IllustrationPour Pierrick
IllustrationPour Tom
Illustration4 Seasons
AlbumVu de pres
AlbumRork - L'intégrale 1
AlbumLes fantômes
Album EditionVu de pres (2012, Le Lombard)
Album EditionRork - L'intégrale 1 (2012, Le Lombard)
Album EditionLes fantômes (2012, Le Lombard)
Album EditionMaan (2012, Sherpa)
Album EditionRork - Doorgangen (2012, Sherpa)
Album EditionDe geesten (2012, Sherpa)
Album EditionLune (2012, Delcourt)
Album EditionKoziorożec - 5 - Sekret (2012, Manzoku)
Magazine PublicationLe maître du jeu, c'est lui! (2012) - dBD (number 66)
ArticleLe maître du jeu, c'est lui! (2012)
Patrick van Bergen (Site Editor) notes:
Andreas tours though France.

x - 13 October: Exposition Andreas, galerie Petits Papiers, 91, rue Saint-Honoré, 75001 Paris. link
26 - 28 October: Exposition at comic festival Quai-des-Bulles, Saint-Malo. Pictures of the event

and Belgium.

1 November: Book fair Antwerpen (Andreas and Isa Cochet)
2 November: Book signing at B-gevaar in Brussels.
3 November: Album presentation and signing session at Librairie Filigranes in Brussels.