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Illustration"Capricorne" - Les chinois
AlbumLes Chinois
Album EditionLes Chinois (2005, Le Lombard)
Album EditionDe Chinezen (2005, Le Lombard)
Album EditionOude Bekenden (2005, Sherpa)
Album EditionRetrouvailles (2005, Delcourt)
Album EditionZejście (2005, Twój Komiks)
Album EditionCromwell Stone (2005, Planeta-DeAgostini)
Album EditionEl regreso de Cromwell Stone (2005, Planeta-DeAgostini)
Album EditionReencuentro (2005, Planeta-DeAgostini)
Magazine PublicationEntrevue avec Andreas (2005) - Onapratut magazine (number 5)
Magazine PublicationL'homme qui pense (2005) - BullDozer (number 4)
Magazine PublicationInsatiable Andréas (2005) - ZOO (number 3)
ArticleEntrevue avec Andreas (2005)
ArticleL'homme qui pense (2005)
ArticleInsatiable Andréas (2005)
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