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AlbumDorro Zengu
AlbumParoles de parloirs
Album EditionTunnel (2003, Le Lombard)
Album EditionAanval (2003, Le Lombard)
Album EditionDe blauwe draak (2003, Le Lombard)
Album EditionTunnel (2003, Le Lombard)
Album EditionDorro Zengu (2003, Sherpa)
Album EditionDorro Zengu (2003, Delcourt)
Album EditionParoles de parloirs (2003, Delcourt)
Album EditionKoziorożec (2003, Twój Komiks)
Magazine PublicationLe triangle rouge - Era 21 (number 1-6)
Magazine PublicationConan lui dire (2003) - Bodoï (number 67)
Magazine PublicationAndreas Corpus (2003) - Bodoï (number 76)
Magazine PublicationFigures and Representation of the Fantastic in Andreas's Work (2001) - Otrante (number 13)
Magazine PublicationUn fantastique muet: H.P Lovecraft et R.H. Barlow dans les Révélations Posthumes d'Andreas et de Rivière (1997) - Otrante (number 13)
ArticleConan lui dire (2003)
ArticleAndreas Corpus (2003)
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