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from the article "'Capricorne' at Lombard and 'Arq' at Delcourt: Andreas bets on two horses (1997)":
Precisely, if you could tell us something about the series you have just started at Delcourt?
Andreas: Let's say it's a science fiction serial that will be spread out over several albums. That will possibly be frustrating for the reader who has to wait for the next episode to find out about the rest of the story, but the system of publishing volumes of 46 pages obliges me to stop each time the continuity of the account. This series, that will start in October, shows five characters who will find themselves projected in a parallel world... That's all I can reveal for the moment. The word 'Arq' that gives his title to the collection, refers to that other place whose characters are prisoners. I wanted a short, somewhat confusing name, that doesn't occur in any language.
--- part of article left out here ---
In the mean while, you have started two long series...
Andreas: For Capricorne, I haven't fixed the number of albums. It's a series that will continue as long as the readers want it. For Arq, there will definitely be an end, but I don't know yet at the end of how many albums it will arrive. For the moment six chapters are planned already. I intend to producing one album of each series per year. Both stimulate me and I sense the force to make a succes of this double engagement.
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