Andreas. Une monographie

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TitleAndreas. Une monographie
ArticleImages of a childhood (1995)
ArticleYears of study (1995)
ArticleThe first publications (1995)
ArticleRork and the fantastic (1995)
ArticleCyrrus (1995)
ArticleDérives and Fantalia (1995)
Philippe Sohet notes:

And thank's for your letter. Sorry for this (very) late answer.
I spoke with Yves Lacroix about your request.
So we decide:
1. that we don't know nothing about the copyright on internet versus the editor...
2. "a priori" we don't desagree with " adding (a part of ) the contents of our book" as you ask.
3. But, please:
- copy PARTS of the books, not all the book
- parts not in french or "neederlandse taal" (in english, with not ?) in the goal to don't make concurrence with the editions on the market
- with the mentions of the source...

I hope this can agree your site and the friends of andreas...

Best to you (and worst fort my english...)

Philippe Sohet
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De fantastische werelden van Andreas (1998, Sherpa)

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AlbumAndreas. Une monographie
Language Dutch
TitleDe fantastische werelden van Andreas

Andreas. Une monographie (1998, Mosquito)

Album Edition Information
AlbumAndreas. Une monographie
Language French