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This is a fansite dedicated to Andreas' work.

The site is never finished; you are invited to bring in new pictures, articles and comments, to extend it further.


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Patrick van Bergen

Recent comments

Peter on Guestbook   (1 July 2023, 13:10)

De nieuwsbrief van Sherpa vermeldt maar twee uitgaven van The Art of Andreas meer. De "gewone" editie zal niet verschijnen. Meer info en details: ""

Peter on Guestbook   (1 July 2023, 13:08)

There will only be two editions of Andreas' artbook. The "normal" edition won't appear.

Peter on Guestbook   (28 June 2023, 08:51)

Sherpa updated their planning's page at The Art of Andreas shifted now from the phase "Bij opmaak" to " Bij corrector" and is states it will be in the shops in 2023.

Peter on Guestbook   (23 June 2023, 09:42)

I forgot to mention that Andreas would come to Brussels for the vernissage of an exhibition of his work. More details: Because he was there, people could have asked about The Art of Andreas. Mea Culpa that I didn't mention it here. I myself didn't have time to go. The exhibition itself runs from 23 juni - 29 july 2023. So, there is still a chance to see it. This is the site of the organiser:

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