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Patrick van Bergen
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Peter on Guestbook   (6 April 2022, 12:06)

Behalve Andreas zit ook Isabel Cochet op Instagram Haar account is op waar haar naam dus als ysacochet wordt gespeld. Andreas heeft twee instagram-accounts, eentje als andreastries, en een andere als wattmanworm. De links

Peter on Guestbook   (6 April 2022, 12:04)

Also on Instagram: Isa Cochet as ysacochet

Peter on Guestbook   (2 April 2022, 17:51)

Andreas looks to be definitively gone from Twitter, but he is still on Instagram asl andreastries and wattmanworm

Peter on Guestbook   (30 March 2022, 20:39)

It's bizar: Andreas said on Twitter he would be inactive for a week. I wrote that on 12 March on Dossier Andreas. We're now 30 March, so it's at least two weeks ago he said that. It might even be more than 3 weeks at the moment. But his former Twitter account is still non existing.

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