Dossier Andreas

This is a fansite dedicated to Andreas' work.

The site is never finished; you are invited to bring in new pictures, articles and comments, to extend it further.


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Patrick van Bergen

Recent comments

Peter on Guestbook   (17 November 2023, 11:42)

Correction: For the English speakers: there was a mistake in one of the links in the newsletter from Sherpa about The Art of Andreas. That mistake is now corrected on the website Via that link the English translation of the preface, quotes and list of illustrations is already downloadable as a pdf format.

Peter on Guestbook   (16 November 2023, 21:20)

Finally more news on The Art of Andreas at Sherpa. For more details, see: ""

Peter on Guestbook   (16 November 2023, 21:19)

Eindelijk concreet nieuws over The Art of Andreas, bij uitgeverij Sherpa. Zie meer details op deze site: ""

Peter on Guestbook   (1 July 2023, 13:10)

De nieuwsbrief van Sherpa vermeldt maar twee uitgaven van The Art of Andreas meer. De "gewone" editie zal niet verschijnen. Meer info en details: ""

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